your first TV placement is right around the corner. consistent placements are on the horizon.

I love party store pizza, I waste notebook paper, and my favorite season is fall. When I’m not coaching, hosting a sync training, or writing music for tv/film, I am working on being the best husband & father to my two sons – my family drives me!


I believe one of my purposes is to help music creators tap into the world of Sync Licensing and realize that their music can take on a whole new life when it hits the silver screen. I do this through teaching sync strategies that WORK & encouraging them at the same time! Letting music collect dust on your hard drive is basically saying “Yeah, I make music,” whereas getting your music placed on major network TV is saying “Yes! I make music and I make MONEY from my music” That’s the difference. I don’t want anyone to feel like music can only be a hobby. I want all music creators to feel like their music has a purpose and can generate income while doing what you love! My goal is to help as many producers & songwriters as I can to tap into Sync Licensing and share their music with the world of watchers out there!


I want you to avoid the mistakes that I made on my Sync Licensing journey. I want to help you check off the important things I missed in the beginning. Most of all, I want to give a sync licensing foundation that will stand the test of time. How do I do this? By teaching my popular “Sync Licensing Foundation Building For Beginners” Training. My training gives you a chance to build or re-build your foundation in sync licensing and use it to progress throughout your journey efficiently and with confidence. There is no way you would build a house on a weak and unstable foundation, so don’t build your Sync Licensing Career on a weak foundation either!


My family means the world to me. 99% of my drive behind winning is THEM! Without the foundation, they’ve helped me build, I wouldn’t be where or who I am today. It doesn’t matter if I’ve scored a full TV series or landed some background music on a reality TV show, they root me on when I call them to watch! My motivation to be the best for them extends to providing the best strategies and being the best sync coach I can be for others. When I help you win, you help me win, and THEY WIN!

Dear producer, songwriter, beatmaker, music creator...

You’re here and I am excited! Thank you for considering changing your sync journey with me. I hope to help you succeed and WIN just like you deserve. I know what it’s like to wish you knew the exact steps to get your first placement on TV or how to land your first job as a composer for a movie, or how to find the best music libraries that can get you placements. Hear it directly from me, there is room for you, AND YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t wait to start, don’t wait for things to be perfect, don’t wait to create the “perfect song”! Find the courage to START AND SUCCEED!

In case you need it, I am giving YOU permission to start building your sync licensing foundation with me. And remember, you’re already READY.